Ship Designer

Designing a ship is half the battle, so we're creating an editor that gives plenty of customization options but is streamlined enough to be able to very quickly iterate on your designs.

We've already completed the basic ship editor features - all of the ship images on this website were created using it!

Snap Points

We've created a ship designer that allows you to quickly create a large variety of ship designs. All of the code works offline but is written to take networking into account. This means that eventually you will be able to collaboratively design and build ships!

In order to assist in keeping your ship symmetrical, we've created a system that automatically flips modules in order to keep the orientation consistent no matter which snap point you attach to. You can still manually rotate and flips modules if you want to. Eventually we will create a way to combine groups of modules into 'prefabs' so they can be reused.

Module Designer

Initially players will only be able to choose from a small set of modules to design their ships with, but eventually we will create a module designer that lets players start with a casing and choose exactly what stats they want the module to have.

Players must then choose which materials to build the module out of. While the 'operational stats' such as thrust and rate of fire will be exactly as specified, the mass of the module will be dependent on how many materials are required to fulfill the desired stats. Additionally, if the desired stats are too high or the materials unsuitable, the volume of materials required might be too high to even fit in the casing!

Casing Designer

For now we're using some great modular spaceship assets we bought on the Unity asset store, but eventually we are going to create a mode that will allow players to create casings from scratch from an included library of 'greebles'.

We plan to use photogrammetry to scan in the weird and wonderful real life objects we've been collecting for the past year in anticipation of this project!

It's unlikely we'll allow players to directly use these casings in game. Instead we'll allow them to be published to the Steam Workshop so that we can run an optimization process on them. This way, we don't have to put a limit on your creativity.