VOID Exiles

VOID Exiles brings the tactical space combat of EVE Online into a more time-friendly format. Design as many ships as you like with the streamlined editor and then dive into combat to work your way up the rankings. There are no resource costs and no cooldowns so you can find a fight as soon as you're ready for one.

Join the Discord server for regular updates and the chance to influence the design of this ambitious game!

Next-Gen Tech

VOID Exiles is being developed using Unity's cutting edge Data Oriented Tech Stack. We're using their brand new NetCode package to create a networking engine that minimizes latency, bandwidth and CPU usage on both the client and server.

We're also using Unity's new High Definition Render Pipeline to achieve maximum visual fidelity without having to spend huge amounts of time on writing our own shaders.

Open Development

In previous games we've experienced how working closely with the community can super-charge the development process. We want to repeat that by creating a Discord server where contributing ideas and feedback is encouraged.

We'd rather spend time actually developing the game that creating a constant feed of marketing assets so our development updates will be delivered in the form of a weekly dev stream on Twitch.

Iterative Process

VOID Exiles is being designed and developed by a very small team! This means we need to keep the scope small and commit to releasing early and often, refining new features before we begin work on the next.

We believe that session-based multiplayer can be successful in its own right so we'll be starting with short 1v1 duels, then we'll add more and more players until one day we create a fully persistent universe!